Myofascial Release for Dummies

So there’s a lot more talk in the fitness and wellness industries about myofascial release these days which I guess is a good thing in some ways but not so good in others. It seems like everyone who does body work claims to also do myofascial release and that’s not exactly accurate. There are also a bunch of other techniques that involve the use of scary implements that claim to “treat” the fascia but again, that’s not exactly accurate either. I’d like to take this opportunity to explain what exactly fascia is and its function in the body and dispel some myths about fascial work (or myofascial release). Fascia is often described as connective tissue that surrounds muscles and organs in the b

Why You're Not as Flexible as You'd Like

I’ve seen a lot of videos on you YouTube and other social media about flexibility, mobility and stretching. It seems like everyone has an opinion about the best way to improve range of motion and from what I’ve tried, not much of it is very effective. So I’d like to share what are, in my experience, some very effective ways to increase and/or improve range of motion. First of all, stop telling yourself how inflexible you are and stop saying it to everyone else. As soon as that thought crosses your mind and you attach to it, you have already severely limited any possibility of improving your flexibility. Instead, start telling yourself that you are flexible, that you can move easily and witho

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