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Is Your Self-Care Routine Really Effective?

Are you struggling to maintain a self-care routine that works? Do you tend to take care of everyone else before you take care of yourself? Do you have a solid self-care routine but still feel like you’re struggling to keep up your energy?

We’ve all heard that highly effective people have a strict self-care routine that helps them achieve the results they want because it keeps them in optimal health, right?

I’ll let you in on a little secret. MOST people are not doing the number one thing that will truly optimize their health. Yes, eating well, getting exercise and enough sleep are important. Treating yourself to a massage or other spa treatment is great for relaxation. Engaging the services of a coach, talk therapist or doctor can be useful as well. But NONE of those things will address what is holding you back on the same level that having intensive body work will do. And no, I don’t mean a monthly (or even twice weekly) deep tissue massage.

We ALL hold onto trapped emotions in the soft tissues of our bodies and until you learn how to fully release them, you will feel like something is getting in the way of achieving your full potential. These trapped emotions lead to chronic illness and disease because they become embedded in our fascial system over your lifetime and are never really addressed properly – mostly because most doctors and therapists aren’t even aware that it’s happening. These are the “unexplainable” problems you see your doctor for; or the conditions associated with aging, excessive stress, etc.

When clients show up in my office, they have usually exhausted all other avenues to address their problem. They often have undiagnosed conditions and are told that nothing is showing up on any tests they’ve taken – and they’ve taken ALL the tests! OR they’ve been told nothing can be done for their problem and they just have to live with it.

The reason many problems go undiagnosed is that fascial restriction (the solidification of the fluid in our connective tissue that surrounds everything in our bodies) cannot be detected with any current imaging or tests. You need to feel fascial restriction and you can even see it, if you know what to look for. However, doctors and other therapists don’t learn much about the fascial system in school. I didn’t learn about it until I began taking specialty courses after my formal schooling had finished.

When I DID finally learn about it, it made so much sense to me! And I couldn’t understand why the medical community wanted to ignore it! There are many doctors now who have been studying the fascial system and its function in the body, so there is a much better understanding of it now. However, if the medical community as a whole were to embrace this new understanding, they would have to completely rewrite ALL their textbooks and totally shift their understanding of how the body works. Not a small endeavour but I believe it does need to happen at some point.

Until then, there are therapists, like myself, who choose to expand their awareness of the body, of how and why illness disease happens and how we can help you heal it. So if you are experiencing unexplained symptoms, excessive stress, fatigue for no obvious reasons AND you are interested in healing yourself on a whole different level (and not everyone is ready for it) send me a message through Linked In or an email to and we can talk about whether or not an Intensive Healing Session is right for you.


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