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I believe that everyone has a unique gift to offer the world. Mine is that I understand the body in a way that most therapists, doctors and other health professionals don’t. I’ve spent many years learning from others’ teachings and my own experiences how and why we are ALL living with some kind of pain, illness or disease – all of which are related to some form of trauma.

I’ve also learned, unequivocally, that we have the power to heal ourselves and that most people have forgotten this innate knowledge. This realization is what inspired me to establish my company, e l i t e Performance Therapy, create the Feel Better Now!© Self-care Program and write my book, A User’s Guide to the Human Body. I love to share my knowledge and passionate message with others and have done so on podcasts, stages, interviews, magazine articles and social media.

I truly believe it is possible for everyone to re-learn how to heal themselves and the best way to send that message is through those courageous people who step forward to lead in any profession or capacity.

I know that my purpose is to guide high level leaders and public figures in their healing process so they can lead authentic, impactful lives. Living and working in the public eye can be challenging at the best of times, so it is essential that those on a bigger mission are in the best possible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The behaviour you model and the values you represent will be embraced more fully when you have acknowledged and begun to heal your trauma, so you can show others what is possible.

Together, I know we can create significant change in the world!


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Which of these scenarios best describes your situation?


You have a lot riding on you. The pressure of leading in a very visible place is high. The underlying (or overt) fear of making the ‘wrong decision’ is ever-present. You’re giving all your time and energy to others - your work, your family, the people you serve and there’s little or no time left for you. Your body is tense most of the time (when you have time to notice it) and it’s beginning to show signs of shutting down. Constant fatigue, blood pressure problems, sleep problems, pain, frequent minor illnesses or maybe a few more serious ones are your current reality.


You are an athlete or a performer and your livelihood depends on you being in optimal health and peak physical condition. You spend hours, weeks, years on physical training and recovery practices and yet you still have injuries, fatigue, chronic pain, movement problems. But that’s part of the process, isn’t it?  The stress of having to constantly be “on” with your game or your stage performance is taking its toll on your mental health, physical health, emotional health and spiritual health.


Your work life is going really well. You feel great most of the time and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. There are a few minor physical aches or pains but that happens as you get older, doesn’t it? You love what you do and you want to make even more of a difference in the world but you aren’t sure what to do next. You know there is another level that you want to achieve but something is holding you back. You just aren’t quite sure what it is.

How do you choose which option is best for you?

I’m sure most people would say that their health is the most important thing in their lives and that they would be willing to do ANYTHING to regain or improve it.

But is that really true for you?


There are several ways I help my clients and in order to determine the best way for YOU, I ask you to consider the following:


How far out of your comfort zone are you willing to go to heal?

Not very far          I like to push the boundaries          What’s a comfort zone?


Are you ready to completely surrender to the healing process?

Ummm, not yet          somewhat ready          I’m all in!


How much time are you willing to spend on regaining your health?

The bare minimum          I’ll make time          Whatever it takes


How much money would you spend on healing?

Less than $1000          $1000-5000          money is no object


If your answers are mostly to the left of centre, then you are not ready for an Intensive Healing Session…yet but the Feel Better Now! Self-Care Program could be helpful for you.

If your answers are mostly in the centre, you might be ready for the Guided Self-Care Program or  the shorter Intensive Healing Session. You can book a call with me to help decide which might be best for you.

If your answers are mostly right of centre, I invite you to book a call with me to discuss which Intensive Healing Session option is best for you.

How can I help YOU?


There are several ways I can help you learn to heal yourself:

AUGTT-Human-Body-cover-FRONT-new 2.jpg

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Elite is a state of mind.

Being elite means being the best version of yourself.

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