Intensive healing sessions help your body change significantly in a short period of time, unlike other typical treatment schedules. At 3 hours per day, for 3 to 15 days, we are able to reach deeper into the tissue than we could in a few hours a week or less. The frequency of our sessions prevents the body from returning to the holding patterns you have become used to over the years and allows your body (and all the inner workings) move more easily and freely, regardless of age or condition.

For your Intensive Healing Session you will leave your daily routine behind to completely focus on yourself. The location is up to you (as long as I can get there) and must be entirely supportive of  your needs. No distractions, no work, no responsibilities except to yourself. With meals catered to your specific needs and that will enhance your healing process, you will be amazed at how different your body looks and feels at the end of your session!


While everyone can benefit from an Intensive Healing Session, not everyone is ready for one.It involves a level of commitment of time, energy and money that might not work for you at this time.


Let's have a conversation to see what will best serve you.



What people are saying about working with me...

"I’ve had a 3 hour intensive Myofascial Release treatment this afternoon by the incredibly talented Shane Moore. I’m loose and bendy and the most relaxed I’ve ever been." Jo T - UK

"I treated Mo and myself to a Myofascial Release Treatment today with the phenomenal expert that is Shane Moore.

I am in a different body I swear...I've got a flat back and a flat stomach! Our body holds trauma and emotions. So being able to release the emotions and memories that our bodies hold onto is a must for everyone. We need this stuff taught in school. Not everyone knows how to do it! Often people pop down to the GP when really an energy release or body work session is what is needed. So folks, I highly recommend a session with Shane!"   Louisa H - UK







Intensive Healing Sessions