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I help high level leaders and public figures heal themselves so they can live and lead  authentically and purposefully.



To build a company dedicated to helping others heal in whatever way they need by sharing my knowledge, passion and experience through books, online programs, in-person seminars, retreats and 1:1 intensive treatment sessions.


emotional experience
etting go  

e l i t e Performance provides a unique approach to treatment that involves the following five components:

EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE: All of our life experiences have an effect on our physical body. The more difficult experiences are the ones that leave marks, scars, adhesions and other injuries often not visible but that affect us years after the incident that caused them. Part of the reason we hold on to trauma is that often we are not able to fully experience the trauma at the time it happens. Our bodies go into shock or we are given medication to avoid feeling the pain, both of which are necessary to survive the incident. However, problems arise when we don't allow our bodies to experience the trauma in a safe space and time when we are better able to process it and let it go. During treatment sessions at EPT you will be encouraged to allow yourself to fully experience whatever incidents necessary to release your pain and move forward in your life.

LETTING GO: Our bodies are designed to heal themselves but we often get in the way when we pay more attention to what we THINK rather than what we FEEL. It sounds cliche but it's true that you have to feel something to be able to heal it and that's exactly what you'll be encouraged to do during your EPT treatments and your daily life. Listening to what your body is telling you (pain) and providing what it needs is paramount in the healing process. LETTING GO is also a key component in the healing process. Not being able to deal with an incident and move past it can often be a factor in chronic pain. Everything in our lives happens for a reason. We need to learn from these events and leave them behind us, while carrying the lesson forward. When we don't learn the lesson, we tend to see these incidents repeating themselves throughout our lives. Holding onto old hurts or grudges only preserves the trauma in our bodies indefinitely. When we are truly able to let go, it feels like an enormous weight has been lifted and we are free to move forward.

INTUITION: We are born with the ability to know exactly what we need at any given time. However, for most of us growing up in western society, that ability tends to be discouraged and discounted more often than not. The good news is that we can re-learn how to tune in to our intuition and start trusting our gut instincts again, or reach a higher ability to do so. When we start giving our body what it needs rather than what we think it wants or what someone else has told us we need, we can truly reconnect with ourselves again and start to heal and feel better. During your sessions you will be encouraged to tune in to your intuition to decide what you really need to heal and move forward.

TOUCH: Touch is a very important part of the human experience. Without positive touch, we become disconnected from others and ourselves. The therapeutic touch creates a safe connection that helps bring your attention to areas in your body where you are holding pain, injury and suppressed emotion. When we are really in tune with ourselves, we know these places are there but we usually try to ignore them because dealing with them requires us to address things we otherwise want to forget. However, our bodies won't let us forget those experiences until we have allowed ourselves to truly feel and release them from our tissues. We will teach you self-treatment techniques to help heal your pain but nothing compares to the intuitive touch of an experienced therapist to access pain you didn't even know was there.

EXPANSION: Once restriction is released, the body expands and softens because it is no longer tight and bound up. You will be encouraged to breathe more deeply during and after your treatments and you will find it less of a chore because your body will more easily expand and release with each breath. You will also find that your muscles and organs start to function better once they have room to really move completely and your body may even feel lighter. An expansion in your awareness of your mental and physical self is common with this treatment modality.

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