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Feel Better Now!© 

I created Feel Better Now! because I understand the struggle to spend much time taking care of yourself. As a manual therapist, multi-sport athlete, former law enforcement officer and cancer survivor, I’ve learned first-hand why it is so important to take care of myself. But I needed a way to incorporate it easily into my daily routine or I knew I wouldn't do it.


The body is designed to heal itself, if you let it and this program will make it easier for you to do just that! You have two options when it comes to accessing this program:

You can do the Feel Better Now! Program on your own, at your own pace -  a great option if you are a self-starter and motivated enough to learn the techniques on your own.




You can choose the Guided Self-Care program if you prefer to have me take you through it, monitor your progress and keep you on track.


Who will benefit from Feel Better Now!:

  • High level executives, leaders or entrepreneurs who are stressed and constantly fatigued because your work and/or family demands all of your time.

  • Athletes and performers who spend a lot of time on physical training and recovery practices, are under pressure to constantly perform at a high level and live with chronic pain and injuries.

  • Emergency services personnel who face traumatic, high-stress, life or death situations on a regular basis and struggle to want to go back to work most days.

  • Parents who are busy raising kids, working within or outside of the home and never have a minute to yourself.

  • Therapists and Caregivers whose lives are devoted to helping others and never themselves.


Feel Better Now! Self-Healing Program

What is it?:

  • A program consisting of simple, yet powerful techniques that will help you improve your physical, mental and emotional health, so you can easily meet the demands of your work and home life.

  • This is not an exercise program - it's a healing and maintenance program that gives you lifetime skills and techniques to help your body repair itself.

What you get:

  • an  introduction to the most effective natural healing techniques (myofascial release, yoga, voice vibration sound healing and unwinding) that when used in combination with each other, produces the most effective results faster than traditional therapies!

  • 12 months access to the program to practice the techniques, make self-care a regular part of your day and see your body and life transform!

  • a written description of the techniques so you understand not only how to perform each technique, but  each is important to your overall health.

  • a video demonstration for each technique so you can see clearly how to do them.

  • an audio file that talks you through each technique so you don't need to watch a clock to keep track of how long you've been doing it.

  • membership in a private Facebook group to help keep you on track and have your questions answered.



All of this for 1500 CAD

(money back guarantee if you don't see results!)

Click the link to get started!                  



 Guided Self-Care Program

If you would like a bit more assistance in your healing journey but are not quite ready for an Intensive Healing Session, this option might be just what you need!

In the Guided Self-Care Program you get:

  • everything included in the regular program PLUS

  • 4 hours of time with me (via video or in person, if possible) during the program to guide you through the techniques and answer any questions you might have. 

  • an assessment of your unique needs and how you can best address them 

There are a limited number of spaces in the Guided Program and it won't be right for everyone. Let's have a conversation to see if this option is right for you!


What others had to say about Feel Better Now!....

"It's basically changed the way I look at my pain...It's taught me how to deal with it...It's changed my life!"  

Curtis H - Ontario, CAN

"I've been getting a lot of pain relief and stress relief...It's been a life changer for me."   Emily J - Ontario, CAN

"The program helped me both during  my workouts and in every day activities. Before the program I had no idea that I wasn't breathing properly...My workouts are more efficient and my cardiovascular endurance has improved...I feel like my body now moves in one fluid piece rather than being rigid all the time, rather than being constantly sore...I highly recommend that you try this program. It has helped me tremendously."   Jocelyn P - Ontario, CAN

"Deep breathing was...extra helpful when trying to fall asleep and is helping me recover faster in WODs (workouts). I have not been 'bad muscle sore' for a while now even though I'm working out 5-6 times a week."   Michelle C - Ontario, CAN

"I did benefit from the program in that it got me to start thinking and doing weekly bits of the program. I felt the most benefits of the ball movements. Felt hard to meditate for 5 min. I got 3 in then the ADHD kicked in. Lol ...and holding the stretches for 5 min. was challenging but I know it’s possible. I got to recognize my tight areas and did feel some release when working the lower body."   Tabitha Z - Ontario, CAN

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