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Feel Better Now!

by Elite Performance Therapy

Change your life in one hour or less!!

Feel Better Now! is a program that combines various techniques to help you relieve your pain & stress and improve your ability to move regardless of your age or health condition.

  • Relieve chronic pain & stress

  • Improve basic movements (squatting, kneeling, reaching, turning)

  • Easy to learn techniques

  • No special equipment needed

  • Can be used by all ages and abilities

  • Take control of your own health!

I personally use all of these techniques regularly so I know they work really well to keep me moving and lifting easier and without pain. I used to struggle to breathe while doing a workout. Just practicing the breath training enabled me to stop needing my asthma inhalers before or during a workout. I’ve gone from needing daily medication (a tablet and 2 inhalers) to control my asthma to NOT NEEDING ANYTHING! And I’d been on those meds for over 20 years, so anything is possible! But don't just take my word for it, go check out what others have to say about MFR and Feel Better Now!  Shane

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