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Emotions Are Not Just For Women Anymore

There are no gender differences when it comes to the need to express feelings and emotions. Humans need to express emotions. Sure, people will express their emotions in different ways. They will also choose to ignore what they are feeling. This is not usually a good idea though, as ignoring your feelings will lead to other illnesses and disease. Why do you think the state of the world's health is the way it is?

Yes, I know the standard response is that "society doesn't allow men to express their feelings". But really, 'society' has no control over when, how, or if we express our feelings because we ARE society. We as individuals have that control. We have the choice to express our feelings and emotions, or not. And when we choose to express our emotions and feelings in a way that best serves us, then we as individuals change (and become healthier) and 'society' changes.

Altering our behaviour based on what we think others' response will be to us expressing our emotions is a LEARNED behaviour. And we can UNLEARN it! As infants, we come into this world freely expressing how we feel at every moment. At some point along the way, we learn to hide certain feelings or emotions because of how they might make others feel. We need to STOP doing this! (And yes, it is that simple. It can also be easy if you let it.)

It's up to you to choose to stop hiding what you are feeling. It's up to you to stop behaving in ways that don't make you feel good. When you do that and when others see you doing that, it shows them it's okay to do it. You feel better instantly and 'society' changes. It's what Gandhi meant by "Be the change you want to see". And we are ready for change.


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