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How to Sleep Solo

I want to stop sleeping with you. Here’s how we can do it.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been posting about the benefits of sleeping separately from your intimate partner(s). If you’ve missed those posts, I encourage you to check them out in the articles on my profile.

The next challenge is to create a sleeping space that will help you and your spouse/significant other(s) to get the best quality sleep. Obviously, the size of your home will affect what sort of solo sleep space you each can have. There are several options available that might work for your unique circumstances.

The ideal would be for each of you to have your own bedroom. So if you have the space in your home to set that up, try it out and see how it works for you. Having a space all your own can give you the opportunity to get much needed alone time, especially if you live with more than one other person. If you have kids, teaching them to respect this space and time will only be beneficial for them, especially if they understand why you need it. They will learn to value and protect their own personal space even more.

Sleeping separately will also show your kids how important it is to get a great sleep. They’ll see that anyway when you and your spouse are in much better moods more often!

If your home doesn’t have enough rooms to create your own bedroom, then a decent sofa bed could be all you need for one of you to relocate to a different area for the night.

Another option is to have two beds in your bedroom. I’m not a fan of the twin bed for an adult. It just doesn’t provide enough space to move around if you are an active sleeper, so if you can get two doubles or two queen-sized beds in your bedroom, great! They could even be brought together to form a king, or you could just replace what you have with a California King sized bed and luxuriate in all the extra space you have for yourself and for when you want to play! 😊

Sharing a bedroom with separate beds will obviously not solve sleep problems related to snoring, however. You could try using earplugs, or the snorer could get treated to resolve the snoring problem. (Note: snoring can be improved, or even eliminated with some myofascial release specifically around the head, face, throat and chest. If you want to know more about that, pop a question in the comments and I’ll explain.)

If you choose to share a larger bed, or need to share any size bed, I strongly recommend having your own duvet or blankets. This was a game changer for my fiancée and I. We rented a home for a few months that had a king-sized bed with two twin-sized duvets. I thought it was odd at first but when you don’t have to fight for the covers, or get frustrated when you frequently find yourself freezing at night, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before. Eliminating that battle alone can improve your relationship! It was also an eye opener about having more space since we’d been sharing double or queen-sized beds previously.

So with these few options, sleeping solo, or at least optimizing your shared sleep space does not have to be difficult or expensive. What you spend on another bed could end up saving you in so many other ways in the long run. It could even end up saving your relationship!

I’d love to hear what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments. #sleep #sleepbetter #sleepsolo #betterrelationship


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