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Heal Faster with an Intensive Healing Session

An Intensive Healing Session is 30 hours of treatment over a 10-14 day period. So you’re getting 3 hours a day with possibly one or two days off in the middle. This is a LOT of work but intensives are so effective for just that reason. With that amount of time, the therapist(s) can treat pretty much everywhere in the body, which is what needs to happen to begin to resolve the problems we’ve been living with that we may or may not be aware of.

Most often, the cause of our symptoms is somewhere other than where we’re feeling the symptoms; there could also be more than one area contributing to our body’s pain and dysfunction and it could take some time to find them all.

The great thing about the body though, is that it will direct us right to where it needs us – if we are paying attention. When we don’t pay attention to the body’s signals, the problems will continue to get worse until we reach a level of pain or dysfunction that we can’t ignore any longer and we end up with a significant injury, illness or loss of range of motion.

At this point, an Intensive Healing Session is possibly the best option. If you are facing some significant health problems, why wouldn’t you want to address them and begin to resolve them in a shorter period of time? It’s like if your vehicle was in a major accident and you took it to the mechanic for repairs, you’d want the mechanic to repair everything rather than bringing it in once a week (or once a month or whatever the average body work schedule is that people have) and only working on once small part at a time. At that rate, it’s unlikely that you’d ever really get the relief and results you are looking for.

Now I’m not suggesting that one Intensive Healing Session will solve all your problems. We all have a lifetime of tension being held in our bodies that takes time to release. However, having a yearly IHS (or twice yearly) would be one of the best ways to help maintain your overall health. In addition to that, you would be performing some sort of self-treatment daily to maintain or even enhance your results from treatment.

I know what many of you are probably thinking – there’s no way you could afford that much treatment in that short a period of time and I totally understand that. However, even doing a shorter Intensive Healing Session, or learning some basic techniques to treat yourself (or to treat loved ones) can make a significant difference. We are talking about your health and really, what is more important than that?


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