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The real cause of cancer (and other illnesses).

Scientists will never discover the real cause of cancer.

Why? Because they are looking in the wrong place. Also, the real cause of cancer has already been discovered. I know this because I’ve survived cancer. And after all the time, effort and money spent studying it, none of my doctors could tell me what caused it. It wasn’t until several years after my diagnosis and treatment that I understood how I’d gotten it.

I caused it myself. And then I healed it myself.

As a kid, I had a difficult time expressing my thoughts and emotions. I held on to a lot of sadness, anger and guilt. I’m not even sure what it was that made me feel like I couldn’t express what I was feeling and I might never know. But I didn’t really need to know to get better.

As infants, we come into this world with the ability to express our emotions as soon as we experience them. We don’t need to understand them. We don’t need to be able to verbalize them. We just feel them and express them in a way that feels natural to us.

Somewhere along the way, many of us learn to stop doing that. We learn to be afraid of expressing how we feel either verbally or demonstratively. That it’s somehow weak or bad to express our sadness, fear, anxiety, overwhelm or any other so-called ‘negative’ emotion.

There are no negative emotions. How we feel at any given moment is never wrong but we learn to believe it is because others want us to change it. If we are sad, people try to cheer us up. If we are afraid, people try to soothe us. If we cry, we are shushed. If we are angry, people try to placate us. As a result, we learn to ignore, repress, or avoid what we feel.

Why are we so afraid of facing our emotions? Or facing the emotions of others?

The answer to that is as unique as we are. We each have our own experiences that lead to our beliefs about expressing emotions. What we all need to remember is that all of those feelings and emotions are part of being human. Expressing them is necessary, important and beneficial to our overall health.

Staying stuck in them, or not expressing and releasing them, creates illness, disease and pain – both mental and physical. Its how all disease and illness is created. We do it to ourselves when we avoid expressing how we feel.

I reversed my cancer because I decided to. The second the doctor gave me the diagnosis, I knew I would beat it. I wanted to do it without chemo and I knew that was possible. The problem was I wanted someone else to confirm that for me and I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to do it.

I didn’t trust what I knew and agreed to have chemotherapy. But I also decided I wouldn’t have any negative side effects from the chemo. And I didn’t. I wasn’t sick from it. I didn’t take extra medication to prevent sickness, except on the day I received the chemo. I made sure I ate well and stayed active with the sports I loved.

I made myself a priority.

Then several years later, after a career change and a renewed passion for helping others, I figured out how I caused my cancer. And by then I understood how to heal it and that I would never have to experience it again.

I’ve learned different ways to express what I’m feeling and most of them don’t require talking about it. That’s still not my preferred way of dealing with emotions (although I realize it’s important and beneficial to the healing process) and it’s a work in progress.

So if you are experiencing illness, disease or pain, and you want to get better (not everyone does), make yourself a priority. Find ways to release what you are feeling and take responsibility and control over your health and your life. If you want help, just ask.


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